Thursday, April 27, 2017

Field Trip Reflection

For our end of the year field trip, we went to Historic Nauvoo , Illinois. I think that the whole trip was really fun but, my favorite part had to be Pioneer Pastime. I loved looking at how kids would spend their time when they were not working on something. My favorite game was the one with the ball on the string, and you have to get the ball in the cup by swinging the rope. I also liked the Solitaire game, but I got lost a lot of times!
Some thing I learned about the pioneers was that they made a machine that lets you put a shoe on a oxen, because the oxen can't balance on three feet like a horse can. The machine was made of wood, and it held the oxen in place, so the person could put the shoe on the oxen.
The Mormons moved west because, they were forced to move because people were against their religion. The Mormon's leader got killed, and the houses were burned down, so they had to evacuate the town.
One thing I want to learn about was how did the citizens of Nauvoo get set so much metal to make equipment?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Lit Circle Moral Dilemma

What is a moral dilemma? A moral dilemma is a problem that the characters have to solve by making a choice. Sometimes, it can be really hard to decide which way is right, or wrong.
In our first book, That Was Then This is Now by S.E Hinton, the character Mark was dealing drugs, and Bryon, Mark's best friend, found out about him dealing drugs. This was a moral dilemma because when Bryon found out about Mark dealing drugs, Bryon had to decide wether to keep the secret, or to tell the cops. In the end, Bryon had to decide to tell the police about Mark because he decided that telling someone was the right thing to do. I think Bryon did the right thing by calling the police, because Mark was doing something wrong, and even if Mark said he would stop selling drugs, he could still keep doing it if he was not caught.
In our next book, The Outsiders by S.E Hinton, the characters Johnny, Ponyboy, and Dally had to decide wether to save the kids from the burning church. What happened was that there was a school going on a road trip to this hill next to this abandoned church. The kids were playing in the church, when the church caught on fire. Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally had just come back from the ice cream place when they saw the church on fire. Ponyboy, and Johnny went in the church, and saved those kids. This was a moral dilemma, because Pony and Johnny had to decide wether they should save those kids or not. I think that it was the right thing to do because, they saved the kids, but it was also kind of foolish for Pony and Johnny to go and save the kids before thinking about it and making a plan.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Invent Iowa

In our class, we had to invent something that would make the world better. I was partners with Emily, and we made this invention called Gelle`. Gelle` is a gel that you put on your clothes before you go to school, work, wherever. How it works is that you put a thin layer on your clothes and wait a couple minutes for the gel to dry.  This prevents stains from getting on your clothes, because if you spill something on shirt and Gelle` is on your shirt, you can just peel one layer and the stain comes off with the layer. We used the filling stuff dentists put on your teeth as inspiration.  The one thing that I am most proud of our project is that we messed up on the display board a ton but we still used what we had to make it even better than what we thought that our display board would look like even if we hadn't messed up. One of our challenges was that Emily and I could not agree on a lot of things. We worked through it by compromising and using both our ideas. If I were to go to the next level I think that one thing that I would add would be, that I would add our sources on the display board. Another thing that I would do was that I would use more bullet points, instead of writing a bunch of paragraphs.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Solar Energy

I did a presentation on solar energy for GOAL independent projects. I chose this subject because, I really wanted to learn more about solar energy. I have always been the energy saver in my family, and have always wanted to learn how to learn how a solar panel worked. I think that global warming and pollution is a really big deal that harms the Earth a lot.
 I think that the hardest part of my project was finding new facts online on a website that I hadn't known.
If I could do this again, I think that I would use notecards so that I could remember what to say.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Goal 2016-17 1st blog post
It is a new year, and I want to set some goals for myself. One academic goal, one behavior goal, and finally an improvement goal. 
  1. My first goal is an academic goal for myself. My goal is to really try to pay attention in class, and try my very best to get A's and B's[mostly A's!]
      2.  My next goal is a behavior goal. I think thatI could work a little harder an not give up so          easily. I tend to get a little frustrated and give up. I should try harder to make my work better.

     3. I think that I could improve in my articulation and really projecting when i am doing a presentation.

Those are all my goals for this year, and I am going to try my best to achieve my goals.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Sports and Games Around the World Project

My project was on Field Hockey. I made a slideshow for my project. I think that the most interesting thing I learned was that the Field Hockey stick is waist high and one side is bumpy and the other side is flat. You can only hit the ball with the flat side or else it is a penalty.  I think I could improve next time by looking at the audience more and not just looking at the board most of the time.

If you want to look at my slide click here!